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Family Watchdog
The Family Watchdog Family just wanted to remind you to have a great (and safe) Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for the 4 F's... Family, Friends, Food and Football. We here at Family Watchdog know you know how to get down in the Kitchen and make that passed-down recipe of the family's homemade pumpkin pie. But did you do it safely? Nearly 20% of food poisoning cases come from just the Holidays alone. Here is a website where everything is food safety, from cooking to storing:

Here is a great website by U.S. Fire Administration, to help prevent burns and fires caused by cooking.
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With all the travelling, please remember to check your vehicle to make sure it is in top notch travelling condition. Also, please check out our site at to make sure the neighborhood you are visiting, is safe for your family and yourself.

And please take this opportunity to tell your family about Family Watchdog and the services we offer. Searching for registered sex offenders has never been so easy!

Log onto our site at and enter an address you would like to search for. When the map comes up, you can click on a square or better yet, view a list of the offenders near your home. Click on a name, and viola! a photo and description of the offender and crime pop up!

You can also run a search by name. If you know the offender's name, enter that. That way if you are looking for a "John Doe" and you don't know where he lives, we may be able to help! You can even make a free account with us (which those of you receiving this newsletter did) that monitors when individuals move in/out of your neighborhood or when a person you are keeping tabs on changes something. All in all, we are the friends you need to have.
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Enjoy your Thanksgiving with Friends and Family. From our Family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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