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May Safety Tips

It's finally starting to get really nice out there. School will be cutting children loose here soon. Speaking of, have you already planned your childrenís activities? Get to know the camp counselors, babysitters and their friendís parents - Which you can all double check through our database at Need to run background checks? Use our favorite partner, peoplesmart. And since school is going to be out, we wanted to highlight some summer safety tips for your family.

Did you know that May is National Bicycle Safety Month? Make sure you strap a helmet on your children (and yourself) while riding a bike. Also, make sure your children know their biking boundaries and rules of the road.

Let's get on... more summer safety.

Swingset Swingsets - Check out this site for great safety tips! Click here!
Also, if your looking on building one, now is the time to do it! Cross-check prices online and search for coupons, this could save you a ton!

Fence Fences- Make sure there are no holes or gaps for children and pets to slip through. And no sharp edges they can cut their bodies on if they run by.

Pool Pools- Over 300 Children drown in pools EVERY YEAR. Make sure to pull the ladder out and cover it when not in use. You should always have a "lifeguard" on duty when your children are playing in the pool.

...And don't forget to wear sunscreen!

Since it is getting nice, you should probably meet the new neighbors and get in touch with the existing ones. (Make sure to check our site first!) Let them know about yourself and your family. - You can always use some extra help looking over your shoulder. Neighbors should stick together and form a "neighborhood watch" kind of bond. Let them know about our site and what we do. They can transfer on the news to their families and so on. Spread the awareness!

Don't forget Mother's Day!
Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th. Also, May is national Elderly month. This gives you the perfect opportunity to sneak in a home check for your parents while spending some well needed time with them. Here is a great website dedicated to elderly safety. Click here

Maybe you cannot spend Mother's Day with your mother? There are many ways to keep her alive. Dinner at her favorite restaurant with your family, Planting her favorite flowers, Visiting her grave, Call her family members. Do not let this holiday get you down, it should be filled with joyful memories.

Tornado One more thing. Its May, itís mid-tornado season in many areas. Have you checked and made sure you are prepared in a bad weather emergency? Please check out this website by FEMA on tornado safety. Click here!


We were living in Killeen, Texas. My husband was just due to arrive home from Iraq. My oldest son was picking up the front lawn when he was approached by a older man asking for help finding his dog. When I had looked on the site I had all of the adults that would be at our house look at the photos, especially of the man who lived three houses down. If I remember correctly he had two counts of aggravated sexual assault to a child the victims were age's 4 and 7. My brother in law recognized the man from his pictures and ran him off. I then phoned the police. A few days later a detective came to our home. He said he had spoke to the man and he was only looking for his dog but had been advised to stay away. I shudder to think what could have happened to my son. If I hadn't shown those pics to all of our family then the man would have gone unrecognized. Know whose around you and your kids! These guys seem to prey on the weak and uninformed, well this family isn't either one of those!
-Beckie S.

TESTIMONIALS from our followers

Always comforting knowing we have a Family Watchdog! Thanks and keep on doing what you're doing!
- Snackshop via Facebook

This is a great site. I am a detective that handles all juvenile crimes in Dunn, N.C...I passed this site on to all the local schools. Thanks

I really think this is a really good website for millions of people all over. I think people have the right to know if they are endangered or have a criminal living close to them!
-Millie R.

Common Questions

Questions Q: Who runs FWD?
A: A group people who are here to see that awareness is spread. We are not hiring for profit, but we do take volunteers to spread awareness. - It's easy, tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, mailman... about us to spread the word about family safety!

Q: How can I get in touch with someone from Family Watchdog?
A: Use our online e-mail form:
Please note that we cannot change an offender's info, such as address or offence. Please contact the state that you are getting the info from. Once they make a correction, we will do so as well.
Also, if you send us an e-mail, please check your inbox folder as well as your spam folder for a response.

Q: How do I change my address for notifications?
A: Sign in to your profile at Where the blue bar is, click the pencil at the far right. It will take you to a new screen where you can change your address and save it. From there you will map where your house is on the map.

Read more of our FAQs here

Hope you all have a GREAT May and a wonderful a wonderful Mother's Day for all our mothers out there. Thank you for being aware and using our free service. Donít forget to mention us to Friends, Family and Co-workers! Click here!

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