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Happy September everyone! Hope you all are staying safe and cool!

Given that Fall starts this month, and the fall holds some pretty cool awareness months, we wanted to wrap all those up into one newsletter and teach you how to better keep your children safe! Whether your child has a learning curve or no disability at all, this newsletter is packed with information!
Make sure your children know your phone number and address. And knowing how to use a payphone is good knowledge too. You should teach them how to use 911 or find someone who can help - local police or fire station - this includes talking to a security guard or sales associate at the stores and a trusty neighbor near your home. Companies also make shoes with address labels and bracelets to wear around the wrist for children who have trouble communicating. Here are more safety tips:

Door alarms, window locks and bedrails are common for all kids of all ages. Maybe you have a youngster that just outsmarts everything? Well this site has tons of products and ideas: children who have trouble communicating. Here are more safety tips: and children who have trouble communicating. Here are more safety tips: They have everything from seat belt locks to the name tag shoes we mentioned above. Overall, its up to you to keep your children safe.

How do you know if a special needs child is abused or bullied? Have they tried telling you that something is wrong? Have they stopped going to see people/places they once enjoyed? Have they been overly sensitive for no reason? Other than the physical signs of abuse, children of all levels of mentality often show no signs to very small signs verbally or emotionally. If you suspect your child has been a victim of abuse, learn your rights as a parent and go to the police.children who have trouble communicating. Here are more safety tips: Child abuse of all levels needs to be put to an end!
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Schoolbus  Now that your child is comfortable with their school routine, have you checked your neighborhood for sexual predators? Go to and plug in your address. You never know who could have snuck in your neighborhood when you were not looking. Get instant notifications when you sign up with us at our webiste! You enter your address and we send you a notification when someone moves in or out of your neighborhood: Click here
Do you and your child know what to do if ever attacked? A reader wrote us and gave us a very helpful tip! Practice over and over what to do in different situations with yourself and your child. It can be fun to practice with your child, and if ever in a life-threatening situation, it can save a life!
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This month we asked "What is your favorite safety tip?"

•  Never accept gifts or sweets from a stranger.
•  Never accept a lift in a car from a stranger.
•  Never go anywhere with a stranger.
•  Never go off on your own without telling a parent or trusted adult.
•  Never go up to a car to give directions keep away so that no one can get hold of you and you can run away if needed.
•  Always tell a trusted adult if you have been approached by a stranger.
•  Remember the Yell, Run, Tell rule its okay to run and scream if you find yourself in danger. Get away from the source of danger as fast as you can.
•  If you find yourself in danger always run towards shops or other busy places with lots of people.
•  If you think that you are being followed, go into a shop or knock on the door of a house and ask for help.
•  Never play in dark or lonely places.
•  Stay with your group of friends never wonder off on your own.
•  Never agree to do a job for someone you dont know in return for money they may be trying to trick you.

Big thanks to our follower, Dawn, for all her great tips!
Here is what people are saying about us on facebook right now!

Grateful that this organization exists. Thank you for your interest in protecting my community and every community. -Kyle L.

Love this site. You can never be too careful and never know who lives close by. -D. Neet

I want to thank Family Watchdog. I just got an update that a sex offender for rape and sodomy has just moved into my neighborhood. I feel much safer having a face to watch out for! -C. Outlaw
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