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May is here! And with all these spring showers, lets hope we get some May flowers!

With June right around the corner, that means school will be releasing your little ones to you. Have you thought about childcare for your children yet? Make sure to run a search on our free data base at! Do you need help finding a daycare or babysitter? You can get help from a local child care referral agency:

Thinking about spending the summer at a playground? Check out the following link for playground safety:

Maybe your thinking a road trip? Grab up some fun toys (magnetic board games, foam puzzles, coloring books and children's leapsters) and make sure the kiddo's carseats are not expired (yes, they do expire!) and the seatbelts fit and hit the road. Need more car traveling safety? Check out the following website and make sure that you are in tip-top shape:

Also, make sure your hotel is "child friendly". Many RSO's live at hotels and motels. Always run a search with before booking your vacation. If a problem arises with another hotel guest, contact the front desk.
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Is your child going to be spending this summer with their grandparents? Maybe you are the grandparent? Take the next few weeks to talk about a safety plan for your grandchildren. What to do if they get hurt, who to call. Make sure your house is in top safety condition before they get there! Need some awesome ideas of cheap (or free) things to do this summer? Well, we here at Family Watchdog have you covered my friend.

•  Plan a picnic at your local park or beach.
•  Take them to a storytelling session at the local library or museum.
•  Teach them how to putt by making a small golf course in your back yard.
•  Make a pizza with them. Kids love to add their own toppings!
•  Have a picture drawing contest of each other. Only after you do each others make-up or hair!
•  Chalk drawings and bubbles.
•  Water the plants with a plastic mister bottle. Kids love to get dirty, maybe plant some flowers or a tree that never dies!
•  Go fishing. Make sure you have the proper permit if needed!
•  Start a scrapbook of magazine clippings, mementos from their visit, ot photos of their parents.
•  Visit the local fire station, police station, coal mines... anywhere with cool trucks or loud cars!
It's May, which means its a beautiful day, an you are looking forward to visiting friends out on the deck or maybe having a barbeque with the neighbors. But instead, you or one of the kids end up sitting in the ER because you fell, got burned, or another hurtful thing happened. Serious household accidents do happen- more than 7 million times a year. Taking simple precautions and making easy changes around the house can help avoid personal harm and related hospital and aftercare bills.

•  Fence in pools and water features, and keep surrounding areas clear of toys, leaves and other items that someone could trip or slip on.
•  Store outdoor extension cords when not in use.
•  Pick up all tools and garden tools when not in use. Never leave a shovel sticking out of the ground.
•  When cooking (and grilling), do not wear loose-fitting clothing or dangling sleeves that could catch fire on an open flame.
•  Make sure you have secure, easy-to-grip handrails along all stairs.
•  Ensure loose carpeting and tiles are secured to the floor.
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