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March is the Month for Awareness

Awareness MARCH is the month when most of the health related safety topics come out to play. It is the month when National Colorectal Cancer Awareness, National Endometriosis Awareness, National Nutrition, Save Your Vision Month and Trisomy Awareness get the whole month to spread the awareness. It also shares a few weeks or days dedicated to Sleep awareness, Girls/women's AIDS awareness and a whole week for poison prevention. In this months newsletter we wanted to highlight a few of these and possibly help save a life or two.

Lets start off with colorectal cancer, but lets just not focus on one cancer- too many people are diagnosed with cancer each year, month, day - - hour, minute. It is up to YOU to get screened and be protected. If your sick, donít put off going to the doctor. It could be as simple as the common cold or it could be as bad as full blown cancer. Wondering when you need to get screened?

The link above is from the American Cancer Society. Great website for all things cancer - related.

NutritionNext on our highlights is National Nutrition month. Below you will find a great website from which provides families with great information on how to eat healthier.
You don't always have to start off with eating 100% healthy meals. Maybe substitute a salad for french fries or apples for snacks instead of chips. If you have children, you understand how hard it is to switch a whole diet in one week.

Family Watchdog is not just a website that you can jump on to find sexual predators. We offer so much more. We are truly concerned about our neighbors and their well being. Have questions? Shoot us an e-mail or even give us a call. We are here for you. Awareness is everything.

Maintain your Safety at St Paddy's Day

Nutrition Make sure you stay safe this St Patrick's Day, whether you decide to have a party at home or out at an organized event. Consider these tips to ensure your celebrations are memorable for you and the family.


Close Call... a user's testimonial

We moved into our new place in mid-December. As soon as spring came around, every day when my daughter got home from school she would ask "Can I go outside and play?" She was only five years old. I never let her outside alone. So I would take her out to the backyard and watch her play.

My daughter started asking me daily if she could go play at the little girl's house down the street. My answer was always no. Even though I had met the girl's mother before, I knew she was still at work when the kids got home from school. Sometimes, I saw the woman's boyfriend watching the little girl after school. Let's put it this way, there was something about him that seemed a bit off. He wasn't friendly in the least bit and avoided eye contact.

After my daughter had been asking to go play at the little girl's house for over a month straight, I finally said yes. Within a few minutes, I started feeling uneasy about my decision. I sat down with my daughter and explained to her that I felt it was best if she didn't go over there.

Several months later we moved into a new place about a mile or two down the road. I stumbled across the website "Family Watchdog." I did a search using my address and started looking at all the nearby sex offender's profiles when I came across one from my old street. Would you believe, the boyfriend of the little girl's mother, he was a registered sex offender! I would have never forgiven myself if anyone ever hurt my daughter. If I had put her in that situation months ago she could have been hurt or worse!

You just never know what someone is capable of, but being aware of your surroundings is important! Get to know your neighbors! I'm so grateful for "Family Watchdog!" The website can help you keep your children safe.

Carrie K.

If you have a story to tell, please contact us at

Common Questions

Questions Here are some common questions that we have been receiving this last month:

Q: How do I change my personal information, like my address that I receive notifications for?
A: You may make this change by going to and signing in. Here you can change all your personal information, including your email, name, phone number, etc... Simply click on MY PROFILE and make any needed changes, then click UPDATE.

Q: Help! An offender has MY address listed as theirs!
A: Try to contact the state's registry that we are getting this information from so they can look into this and update their information if necessary. You can find this under the convictions tab. Once this information has been updated on their online registry it will be updated on our site within 24 hours. Sometimes offenders give fake addresses or do not update once they move.

Read more of our FAQs here

Once again, we just want to thank you for using our free services. Have a great Spring and remember Awareness is the best defence!

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