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Happy March everyone!

April showers bring May flowers, right? Then what is with all this crazy weather? This month we wanted to highlight things that go hand in hand with spring coming up... Flooding, St. Patrick's day (partying), Spring break (more partying) and March Madness (you guessed it, even more activities!).

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Flood  Has your neighborhood been experiencing flooding? Do you know what to do in an emergency flood situation? Here are some flooding tips from

•  Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.
•  Start searching for sandbags or make them yourself.
•  Make sure your electronics are put up!

During a rainstorm you should plan for home evacuation or elevation if you live in a flooding area. Secure all valuables that will not be leaving with you. Make sure you listen to a radio or are listening to the television. If you do have to leave the area by vehicle, do not drive through deep puddles. This can stall your car and kill the engine. Try to stay on high ground. Never go walking through water if not needed - if you do, take a stick to see how deep it is ahead of you.
If you have left your home in a flood, upon returning, make sure your house is safe. Is the electric off? Has emergency crews cleared your area and are they allowing people to return to the are? As soon as you can, take pictures for documentation and call your insurance companies. Also, have the home properly repaired to avoid further water and mold damage.
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St Patricks  We are fast approaching St. Patrick's Day, when everyone is Irish for a day, right? Many of us will be donning our green t-shirts, Leprechaun hats and shamrock socks for a day of celebration, complete with green beer in hand. Since March 17 is a Monday this year, it's likely there will be even more people clinking glasses of Guinness for their extended weekends.
But whether you are going out to celebrate at a local pub or hosting a party at home, remember these St. Patrick's Day safety tips to ensure your day is full of lucky charms.

•  Don't bring valuables to any celebration. Only bring with you what is necessary, such as your driver's license, money, a phone and shamrock necklaces.
•  If you're attending an event with a large crowd, such as a local St. Patty's Day parade, be aware of your surroundings and locate where you can go for help if necessary.
•  If you plan on drinking, don't drive! Protect yourself and others by having a designated driver and make sure everyone wears a seatbelt.
•  If you are the designated driver, watch out for intoxicated walkers who pay no attention to lights or crosswalks.
•  Use public transportation or take a cab both to and from your location so you can avoid leaving your car in an unfamiliar place overnight. Many places offer free rides.
•  If going out with a group of friends, have everyone “buddy up” to make sure they get home safely.
•  Stay hydrated and fed. Make sure you don't drink on an empty stomach and definitely consume water or non-alcoholic beverages in between the green beer.
•  Do not leave drinks unattended. Many pubs have outdoor tents set up with port-a-potties outside. Finish your drinks before hitting the restroom.
•  If you become separated from your group, don't wander off alone. Ask the party staff to contact a taxi company for you.
•  If the party is at your house, have guests turn their keys in to you when they arrive. That way you can ensure that everyone has a safe ride home. But be prepared to let your guests stay the night as an alternative.
•  Have phone numbers handy for a cab company, emergency contacts and poison control.
•  Have plenty of food and snacks available so your guests aren't drinking on an empty stomach.
•  If cups are unattended for a while, dump them out, especially if there are curious kids around.

There are plenty of fun things to do on St. Patrick's Day with family and friends, but it's important to have a high level of awareness when it comes to safety. Good health and happiness is the real pot of gold!
(The same guidelines apply for March Madness Parties!)
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March also marks Spring Break for students of all ages. If you plan on going to any spring break parties, please follow our safety tips. We don't want anyone getting hurt!

You can also check for offenders near your vacation destination by visiting our site via laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
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Have a safe and fun-filled MARCH!

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