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Family Watchdog
Happy July everyone! We hope you had a great Fourth of July with your friends and family

It has been one of the driest months so far. Wildfires are on the rise, and with the Fourth of July coming up, we need to be extra careful. Four out of five wildfires start because of human error. Do you have a plan for what to do if a wildfire comes your way and you need to leave your house? Please take a look at the following site and learn what we can do in the event of a wildfire. Trivia time, who has the slogan "Only YOU can prevent wildfire"? Click the following link to be taken back into time:
Tent  With the heat index being very high, and drought warnings all over, we want to remind you to STAY HYDRATED and cool. Kids, Elderly and Pets all need access to cool water and shady area. Also, do NOT leave kids or pets in a car! We have seen so many sad news stories in the media lately regarding pets and children being left in a car. This July, we wanted to highlight pet safety. We all know that spaying and neutering can potentially save your pet's life, but what about the other things that we do not think of on a day to day basis?
•  Vaccinate your pet and look into a flea and tick preventative.
•  Make sure your pet is up-to-date on de-worming. Some worms can be passed to humans!
•  Hot pavement can burn the bottom of your furry friend's feet!
•  Never let your dog ride in an open truck bed!
•  Never allow a child to hang on or bully a dog.
•  Make sure toys are still in good condition and pets cannot choke on pieces. There has also been a all-time high of animal abuse. If you need to rehome a pet, do a background check on the new adopter. Many people are using pets as bait or worse. It is happening all over. Also, if looking to adopt - adopt through your local shelter. The animal may cost a little more, but they have been vaccinated and spayed/neutered, all with a limited health guarantee. If you have suspected animal abuse, call the ASPCA or local animal shelter or the police. Often, they offer rewards if it leads to an arrest.

Also - please have your pet micro chipped and a recent photo of them on hand. Nationwide "dog flipping" has became a huge issue. People are stealing dogs right out of front yards, even breaking into houses. Then they turn around and sell them on Craigslist and other pet "adoption" sites. If you treat your pets like family - just be extra careful. Keep an eye on your pets at all times!
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Family Watchdog at a glance

Family Watchdog is a FREE service where we try to bring the awareness to your fingertips. If you visit our site, you can enter your address and find the offenders that live near your home, your family. You can use our free notification service to receive alerts when offenders move in and out of your area. We try to make it easy for you.

We also provide FDA alerts and recalls. We understand how important your family is to you.

Why did Family Watchdog begin? was formed as a result of the senseless murder of Jessica Lunsford. Parents concerned about the safety of his own family, tried to locate sex offenders in their own neighborhood. Using their state's sex offender registry, we were unable to locate 4 sex offenders in our immediate area, one that was about 600 feet from one of our homes. Using his knowledge of Information Technology, We successfully mapped offenders from his state's registry, and was able for the first time to present a map of sex offenders - where they lived, and where they worked. Initially, we were simply going to create a map of sex offenders for his own state, but upon discussions with other people in other states, decided to set the goal of mapping offenders across all 50 states and includes the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. is proudly the only sex offender registry in existence that is able to map registered sex offenders from all states.

Who is Family Watchdog?
Family Watchdog is made up of a small team of people that care about you and your family. We are currently not hiring. If you would like to volunteer with us, help us spread the word. Email Jane for free brochures and fliers that can be posted in public places.

How much does it cost to use Family Watchdog?
Nothing. We are 100% free for you and your friends/family to use. We will never charge. Thanks to our advertisers, we are completely free to use... whenever, whenever. That's our promise to you!
Family Watchdog Testimonials

"The best tool you can have if you have little ones. It is free!! Use it!! Know where these predator's are in relation to where you live."
-Joan J. (via facebook)

"I cannot believe the things I have read on here (Family Watchdog's facebook). Unbelievable these people! Thanks for keeping us informed of what's really going on."
-Brandy D. (via facebook)
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