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We hope your New Year was filled with Love and Happiness!

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Question  We asked:

What do you and your family consider your "Home Safety"?
•  Firearms, Tasers or Mase
•  Guard Dogs
•  Teaching kids Karate and/or other survival skills
•  Knowledge
•  Do you live in a safe area and do not need to worry?

You told us!
The response? Every single one of our followers use some kind of home protection, the top two being firearms and dogs. The following was a favorite of ours and we wanted to repost it:

"Most importantly is knowledge, we went through firearms safety and then taught my son firearm safety. After completing safety we learned/practiced shooting, and finally placed firearms in our house in a safely secured area. We all have pepper spray/bear mace securely placed on our person accessible at all times. Next, we have made a safety plan for home, practiced it until we felt secure that all knew what to do. We all keep cell phones on person at all times with 911 on speed dial as well as individual numbers for each place-police, ambulance, hospital, fire dept., etc...! We also use watch dog site and keep a file containing all sex offenders that live and/or work within 5 miles of our home, school, work, and any/all places we frequent. We also take into account that there's probably just as many unregistered sex offenders and treat our situation as such. We have learned, and then taught my son what to do in different emergent situations away from our home. We update our sex offender lists twice a week at all saved locations, offenders tend to move/change jobs much more frequently than we do. We have also learned & taught survival skills in case somebody "does" get kidnapped/taken/snatched, such as what to do if you must run through woods and it takes several hrs./day(s) like makeshift housing, bedding, how to make fire, etc...because you never know, or you could get stranded on a family outing or something similar & this may save u going to find help, we all know how to catch fish by traditional & nontraditional methods, how to boil/sterilize water to drink or clean up injuries, hunt, etc.. So it is a long explanation, but itís not anywhere close to explaining all we've done to prepare for all different situations and/or emergencies. We also continue to practice and update information as needed. I hope this might help somebody else come up with their own "fit" Family Intervention & emergency situation Training."
Thanks Lisa B! There is some great information there. Hopefully some of our watchdog followers will consider some of the same practices! Join us online for discussions and great helpful hints from us and our Family of followers!
How did you kick off 2014?

Kaylee of New York was at a gathering. Jaclin in North Carolina was setting off fireworks. To health and happiness says Patricia from South Dakota!

When making New Yearís resolutions, set a small goal. Cut down on smoking over the months instead of quitting cold turkey. Want to lose weight? Take small steps to overall better health.

Do you know the top 10 goals?
•  Lose weight
•  Get organized
•  Spend less and/or save more
•  Enjoy life to the fullest
•  Staying fit and healthy
•  Learn something exciting
•  Quit smoking
•  Help others with their dreams
•  Fall in love
•  Spend more time with family

Did you know 45% of Americans make New Yearís resolutions? Can you guess the percent that is successful with keeping them? 8%. Only 75% make it through the first week. By 6 months, only 46% make it through. Thatís less than half.

They now make apps for helping you keep your New Yearís resolutions. Also, like we said, start small.
Snow  With bad weather fast approaching, do you have a car safety kit made and put in your trunk? has the "normal" list. We just wanted to remind you of those little extras.

•  Kitty litter - can help you gain traction when on ice.
•  Snacks for kids to munch on.
•  Puzzles and Books. Sometimes help can take awhile to arrive. (Don't forget back up sippy cups, diapers and formula if you have little ones!)
•  Fully Charged back-up phone. 911 will work on ANY phone that has a charge, even if it does not have service.
•  Mase or other self protection. Never know where you will break down!
•  Hand warmers.
•  Fix-a-flat and tire repair kits. Windshield wipers are nice to have for when you need them.
•  Dry boots. Rain boots. - Don't want to be shoveling around in high heels!
•  List of emergency phone numbers, names and addresses.

Also, you might want to double check and verify that your car insurance is up to date!
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