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Resolution  Happy New Year! Happy to see everyone made it past doomsday!

Looking for a New Year's resolution? Try one of these new and updated resolutions!

•  Smile more at random people.
•  Give to the less fortunate. Ask local shelters (human and pet) what they could use. Lots of times its things you have just laying around your house!
•  Watch less junk on tv. Sure, finding bigfoot is "educational"... but are you really learning anything? Sometimes the news can be too much to handle. Try a happy-medium with TV shows.
•  Trip Emo kids. No not literally trip! But take a "trip" in their shoes. Most of these "scene" and "drama kids" are the ones that nobody understands. The ones that are being bullied. This gives a great chance to have a talk about bullying with your school age children.
•  Take more naps.
•  Go Paperless. Sign up for paperless billing and online statements. While your at it, start throwing the cans in a bin for recycling.
•  Eat healthier JUNK food. Yes, you heard it right. If you have to get junk food, try getting something healthier on the menu.

Here is a link to the older, more common New Year's Resolutions. Click here
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Question  With all the media hype about gun control and school safety who would want to send their child to school? Things have been getting pretty hectic this last year with the schools not holding up to their safety standards. Instead of pulling your kids out of school, try talking to the principal about some things they can do to make the school a safer place for your children. Get other parents and teachers involved. This gives you a great opportunity to bring up things that you have concerns about while giving the school a chance to correct it.

Some states allow sexual offenders to live across the street to schools. If this is the case with your childrens school, and you feel that something needs to be done, ask the school for additional security in that area. (Think adult crosswalk monitor) Or call the local police and see if there is anything they can do.

One thing that we are always getting asked about: Is there anything to deter a predator from a child? Sadly the answer is no. It is up to you, as the parent, to teach your children not to talk to strangers and how to react if one approaches them. And we here at Family Watchdog LOVE the isafe bag, it gives off a loud screeching noise when activated by the child pulling the tab. Also works great for bullies! Another one of our favorite products come from a brand Vigilant, who offer some pretty high tech safety products: Vigilant
Computer  Are your children safe from the internet? Have you went through and read all their texts and screened all their calls? Probably not, to any child this is "NOT FAIR!" So what do you do and what can you legally not do?

Here is a great website on all things computer and internet safety from the FBI:

Most cell phone companies do not provide you with texts that have been sent or recieved unless they have been told by the courts to do so. If you have trust problems with your children and texts, you can always limit them to what they are allowed to do on their phones.

Now, we have tried and approved an app called "My Mobile Watchdog". For $4.95 a month per child, you can monitor what your child sends and recieves on their cellular device (does not work with Iphones). It also lets you set up a "down time" where your child(ren) cannot use their phone. It also allows you to block websites and e-mail addresses. For the price, you can't get a better piece of mind. *We are in no way affiliated with this company.

To check out and download their app, click here

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