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Happy August everyone!

We hope you all are staying cool and hydrated this hot month! We hope you are staying inside with the fans blowing and the AC kicking! That is why this month we wanted to highlight technology safety and back to school safety.

Computer  Do your children use the internet? Do you know who they are talking to on facebook? Many teens do not like to share their passwords with their parents to their email, facebook and twitter accounts. But as a parent, we need to keep them safe. There are many online monitoring programs available, and should only be used as a precaution. There is a fine line between snooping and trust issues. Learn to talk with your kids first before going through their emails.

Before you allow them to connect, know the facts!
•  Facebook "admins" can log into any profile, anywhere and see all those "deleted" messages and photos!
•  Cyber bullying is very real and going on everywhere!
•  Just because some things are set "private" does not keep people away.>
•  10% of sex offenders use the internet for meeting people.
Phone  Most teenagers now have cell phones as well. Too often we get emails asking how to monitor where children are. And I would like to introduce everyone to our application Life360! ( It offers family maps, family chats and GPS. All for free - and all by invite only.
There are many applications that will allow your children's cell phones

Do your smaller ones know your phone numbers and addresses? Here are some more helpful tips from our facebook users

We asked, "Do your kids have your phone numbers and addresses memorized?" - they responded:

•  Yes, and to help when traveling, write ur names and num on there hand, go over it with clear nail polish, it will make a "temp tattoo" in case they get lost. - Laura S.
•  Phone number, yes...I'm iffy about her being able to tell strangers where she lives. - Lyndi C.
•  Yes, address, phone, and a secret password. Since preschool. - Kimberly C.
•  Yes they do and we have a password too before they would ever leave with someone not prearranged. - Lisa C.
•  Yes! Was something they needed to learn in Kindergarten. I also like the idea of a password! -Sarah H.

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Schoolbus  Please make sure you have scanned your child's schoolbus stop, walking route and school neighborhood for sex offenders! Some may have moved and you should be up-to-date with who can come into contact with your children. Visit today and don't forget to mention us to other parents at your school registration!

Last but not least, we wanted to open your eyes to the real life crime statistics of rape and sex offenders.
•  2.7% of sex offenders will commit another sex crime after being released from jail.
•  70% of released sex offenders will be arrested again for another crime.
•  Sex offenders have a 20% re-conviction rate.
•  Rapists have a 19% re-conviction rate.
•  Its costs average $22,000 a year to incarcerate a sex offender.
•  The average number of years served on an 8 year sentence? 3.5 years.
•  Annually 89,000 rapes are reported each year.
•  60% of rapes are never reported.
•  26.6% of rapes happen in the victims home.
•  10.1% of rapes happen in a shared home.
•  7.2% of rapes happen at parties.

For more statistics and info:

Talk with your children. Learn your surroundings. If you are unsure of a new neighborhood, research it. You can never be too safe. Awareness is your best defense.
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We hope you had a great summer with the kids off school! And I am sure we are all looking forward to them continuing their education for the school year 2013-2014!

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