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Happy April Everyone! We hope the flowers are blooming and the weather is warm wherever you are!

Maybe you are starting on some early gardening? Check out the following link from The Better Health Channel about gardening safety from A-Z:

Speaking of the gardening weather, it is also Tornado weather for those of you that live in the tornado zone. Do you have a emergency kit assembled or a evacuation plan? If not, there are some great sites out there to get you started. On average, 60-80 people die a year from tornados in the US. Please be aware and prepared!
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April is Sexual Assult Awareness Month!

Do you know what to do if your child is sexually assulted?
First thing, Contact the police! Make a police report and have everyone involved give a statement. Never approch the abuser or get involved personally. That is what police, judges and lawyers are for. You can hire a personal lawyer if you feel you need to. They will walk you through the rest of the legal system.
There are certain things you must say and do with your child. Never let them think it is their fault. You are the parent, you are there to protect them from whatever emotional distress this is going to cause them. Get in touch with a child therapist as soon as you can. Comfort you child in the time of need.
And please remember that Sexual Abuse is something that is not taken lightly. Too many times we see people get away because the victim is too afraid to speak up. Nor should a false claim be made against a person for revenge. This could ruin someone's life. Whatever your case, take it seriously and push for whatever you think the offender deserves.
For more information on how to handle this situation and others:
Drugs are becoming such a problem in the United States. Too many people are dying annually from a drug overdose of some kind. We just want to take the time to remind you to have "that" talk with your children. If you know someone suffering from a drug addiction, have "that" talk with them and get them in a rehab center. If you see or know of someone dealing or doing drugs illegally, call the police. Together we can build a safer future for our children if we all pull together.
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Family Watchdog Testimonials

I really believe that this is something our people need to know about. I have been trying to push the information to our people for the past 6 years. I hope they are getting it.
I know that for me, personally, your website has been a tremendous help. I have found out about offenders living near our church and where our daycare children play and have been able to alert the teachers to be very careful around these individuals.
It has also given me great peace of mind as I have been able to find my abuser on the website and know that others will be informed about him. It took many years to get him there, but now others might believe what I have been trying to tell them. - J.S. via e-mail

Thank you so much for your steadfast approach to helping our children remain as safe and aware as possible. My minor daughter takes three self-defense techniques, and I always print out an offender for the owner of the Martial Arts studio, if the offenders address is close to the studio. Thanks again, and may your efforts continue to help so many others that are not aware. Sincerely, Kathie E.
We here at Family Watchdog would like to wish you a warm and safe spring!

If you are interested in a free PDF file of our brocure, please email These are great for posting around school, the workplace or even the apartment complex. They do not show offender's profiles, they simply show how to use our site and get the most out of it. There are two styles to choose from, a front/back foldable brochure or a simple flyer style. Please let Jane know which kind you would like.

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